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XJ-13 *TOP SHELF* 29.31% THC

XJ-13 *TOP SHELF* 29.31% THC


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The sativa-dominant hybrid XJ-13 is a cannabis strain that exudes a strong citrus scent with undertones of pine and a flavor that’s sweet and spicy. Some have reported hints of lime within the smell and taste

Its high has been described as “light-weight,” producing mostly a cerebral high that increases attentiveness, creativity, make a conversation more pleasurable – all while slightly numbing the body into a light relaxation. Despite relaxed muscles, it will help boost energy marginally, making this strain perfect for those that enjoy a useful strain for a wake-and-bake. Its high is also known to last up to four hours.

While this strain is an excellent choice for both novice and veteran cannabis consumers alike, it will induce paranoia or anxiousness if consumed improperly.

This strain is capable of growth both indoors and out and takes between eight and nine weeks to finish flowering.