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Returns & Exchanges

Here at OCPC Delivery we strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We want to ensure that your experience is above all other services. Due to the nature of our products and service a lot of our products are sold as is.

All approved returns and exchanges must happen within 72 hours of your original order date. After 72 hours, items are no longer eligible for a return or exchange.

Please see below for more information on returns and exchanges.


  • Once the driver leaves, a return is no longer possible.
  • If an item is opened, even while the driver is there, then a return will not be possible.
  • If a return is approved after the driver has left then the amount returned will be in store credit. No cash will be given back.


  • Flower can be exchanged as long as it has not been opened. Most flower are in clear containers so you can view it before you open it.
  • Once flower container seal has been broken then it can no longer be exchanged.
  • Contact us for vape exchange policy.
  • Edibles and all other products; as long as they have not been opened then they will be eligible for an exchange for an item of equal value or multiple items to equal the original value.
  • Once an item has been opened then it is no longer eligible for an exchange unless one of the following:
    • Item is expired
    • Moldy


  • If you exchange an item for an item of lesser value then the additional amount will go on your account as store credit. This value will not be returned to you in cash.
  • Returns and exchanges can not be given back in cash.
  • If the return or exchange before is initiated before the driver has left then they can give you cash back.
  • Exchanges and returns must be made within the 72 hour window.
  • Unfortunately seeds in flower will not be approved for an exchange or return at this time.